December 16, 2014

The U.P. Lantern Parade is a parade of large lantern-floats around the oval of the main campus of the University of the Philippines (U.P.), the Diliman campus. The first parade was held in 1922 but it was institutionalized as a university celebration in 1934 by then UP President Jorge Bocobo. This annual U.P. tradition and competition takes place on the late afternoon of the last day of classes before the Christmas break, just a few hours after the Oblation Run.

The UP lantern parade attracts crowds of people from all over Metro Manila. Each U.P. unit and college creates a lantern-float on a given theme and presents a brief program to accompany the presentation of the lantern before the judges and audience gathered at the administration hall. An Over-All Best Lantern Grand Prize is awarded, along with “Judges’ Choice” and “Most Resourceful.” Cash prizes are given to the winners.

Having for many years swept up all the prizes, since 1929 to 1989, the College of Fine Arts (CFA) no longer joins the University competition. Instead, groups of fine arts students try to outdo each other in creating lanterns on the theme assigned by the CFA. The parade of the fine arts follows the main lantern parade and promises to provide the most attractive and creative floats in the parade.

Source: WikiPilipinas

It was my first time to attend the U.P. Lantern Parade and I was with my friends, Gyssel, Makoy, and Bryan. I was supposed to help with the lantern of UPOU but I was too busy with submission of assignments and was not able to attend the making of the lantern.

The event is open for all those who want to witness. We were lucky enough to see the half of the lanterns because we were sort of late. It was great, especially when you think that they were made by students.

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One of the amazing lantern is the sunflower, which showcased the engineering talents of the students. There was a watering can that pretended to water the float that emerged a sunflower and bloomed in front of us. Unfortunately I don’t have a video. I was busy taking photos. It was so amazing but the photos cannot give justice to the great lantern.

Philippine Eagle
Bird and Sling shot
Penpen de sarapen… hawhaw de carabao de batuten
…sipit namimilipit, ginto’t pilak namumulaklak…
Pandango sa ilaw

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